SMART MAX (for Hard Water)


Pure and healthy water without scale

• MAXimum capacity – in regard to hardness salts due to thoroughly developed combination of AquaSoft Smart and Aragon Smart MAX. Maximum benefit — eliminating excessive amounts calcium carbonate, GEYSER SMART MAX saves healthy mineral composition of water.

• MAXbinary Benefit – removal of excessive amount of calcium carbonate and saving mineral composition of water needed for human being.

• MAXbinary savings – Geyser SMART MAX saves your time and money because it can work without regeneration for one year.

• MAXbimum comfort – compact, convenient and easy to install under sink even if the space is limited.

• MAXbimum effect – for 12 months. No scale and excellent taste of ordinary meal like culinary delights.

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Convenient fastening and easy replacement of filtering modules. Complete set for connection.

Takes up minimum space in the kitchen.

ATTENTION: Efficiency is achieved only by this bundle and such a sequence of cartridges.
ANTI-SCALE EFFECT. Due to the combination of Aquasoft and Aragon Max the anti-scale effect keeps within the filter lifetime (patent 2666428 dated 09/07/2018).
AQUASOFT SMART. The special mixture of ion-exchange resins with increased capacity for remove hardness salts (scale), iron and manganese;
ARAGON SMART MAX. ANTI-SCALE effect provides maximal capacity and efficiency for hardness salts removal. Impregnated silver as a component inhibits reproduction of microorganism. Pore size – 0.4 micron.
CARBON-BLOCK AG SMART. Post-filtration by high-quality coconut carbon. No pesticides, organic and chlororganic compounds and better taste of water!

Efficiency of work with different parameters of hardness and iron in the initial water resource, l.

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Weight3 kg
Dimensions35.2 × 27 × 9.1 cm


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