Fiber Pro (Carbon Fiber) Cartridge – 10SL


Carbon fiber Geyser Fiber Pro 10SL cartridge is designed to remove free chlorine, organic matter, color, odors, and pesticides. The cartridge is used in water purification systems and industrial water treatment systems.
Filters up to 8-10 liters a minute, and typically filters up to 50,000 liters before the cartridge needs replacing.

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• More than 45,000 liters resource.

• The fibrous structure combines a high absorption capacity of impurities with the binding of filtered substances.

• Outperforms carbon cartridges and carbon blocks in terms of resource and ability to absorb impurities.

• Ultimate water purification – effective removal of chlorine, phenols, oil products, and pesticides.

• A special filter layer ensures that the treated water is free of carbon particles.

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Weight1.1 kg
Dimensions7 × 7 × 25 cm


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