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There is no one-size-fits-all water treatment system because tap water in every home contains unique chemicals, minerals, and contaminants that need to be removed to deliver the cleanest purest water. There are some general water quality issues that could be detected at home for free, some using the express test offered by Laboratorio Aqua Vitae.
Water hardness is a common problem — check for signs of hard water including spotty or filmy dishes, water tank sediment buildup, mineral buildup around water fixtures, soap scum in your bathtub, and dry itchy skin.
Heavy Metal Contaminants — If you spot stains, sediment, or rust in your appliance e.g. in a toilet flush tank it’s likely a byproduct of your pipes. However, blue and green stains are a sign of copper corrosion. This a serious condition that should be treated immediately.
Our express test reveals TDS, PH, chlorine, hardness, iron, and manganese if necessary. Those results will allow us to create a unique water treatment solution for your home.





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    Dr. Dmitry Khoviv

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    Welcome to Laboratorio "Aqua Vitae" SL official website!
    At Laboratorio “Aqua Vitae” we have successfully created countless water treatment solutions for clients since 2015.
    Our scientific approach allows us to search and combine the most up-to-date technologies presented to the market place across the world.
    Every household deserves clean, fresh water – some homes need a bespoke system so that’s why we offer a water test to find the correct solution for each individual customer.
    We present the best ecological modern and most efficient technologies available, always trying to keep equilibrium between price, quality and maintenance schedule to fulfill 100% of our clients expectations.
    If a more efficient system appears on the market we can offer it to our clients with the maximum discount available.
    Our goals are to deliver clean and safe water for generations – save money for our clients and help to create a more ecological friendly society.

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